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    The Central Govt to act very serious for Good Governance NOW! Strict action against the Corrupt people around him and in the opposition as well without delay . Bring down the current high prices of essential commodities in the market for the common man of India without wasting TIME !

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    Digital Universal laws and Interfaith rules be sorted out with religious conferences. Unfortunately it is rather difficult for people to understand the holy and spiritual verses in Arabic and Sanskrit therefore medi-core language chosen for Spiritual and Political administration is English in Indian Sub-Continents, South and East Asia. What Dr. Zakir Naik professing and preaching about Sanskrit RigVeda, Arabic Quran and Arabic Hadith translated in English; great lecture skills utilized espe...

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Change of details in the Voter ID card

identity voter id election commission address change

Do you want to change the Name, Age, Father’s/Mother’s/Husband’s name, Sex, Address or Elector’s Photo Identity Card Number? Or do you want to change the photo inside the Voter ID card?

In this article we would simplify the procedure for change in the details of Voter ID card.
You need to fill in Form 8 provided with this download here. Form-8 can be filed for correction to particulars of a person entered in the electoral roll. There are four Parts in Form 8.

I. Applicant’s details
II. Particulars of place of present ordinary Residence (Full address)
III. Details of Elector’s Photo Identity Card (if issued, in this or some other constituency)
IV. Details of entries to be corrected

Part I, II & III should be exactly the new details you want in the election card, and not the one which is already there. In Part I of the Application, please write your name, as it should appear in the electoral roll. In Part II of the Application Form please fill up the full and complete postal address including PIN code where you are ordinarily residing and want to get registered, in the space provided.[/font]

In Part IV of the Application you should indicate the details of entries to be corrected. Therefore, this is a very important part of the Application. You have indicated the correct details about your name, age, date of birth, relations name, sex, address and photo identity card in the space provided in Parts I to III of the Application. In this Part you have to clearly put a tick mark on the details that need to be corrected on the basis of information now furnished by you. Please score out the alternatives that are not to be corrected.

Do's & Dont's
  • The request can only be filed only by a person whose name is already included in the electoral roll seeking correction to his/her particulars already printed in the electoral roll.
  • Only one copy of the application is to be filed during the publicized revision period, however, during non-revision period, application must be filed in duplicate.
  • The application should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which the name of the applicant is already included. The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space.
  • Please fill up the Part Number and serial number in that part of electoral roll where your name is listed. This is mandatory.
  • If you already have been issued with a Photo Identity Card by the Election Commission, please mention the card number (printed on the front side) and date of issue (printed on the back side) of the card in the space provided in Part III of the Application Form.
  • You should indicate your Age in years and months as on 1st January of the year with reference to which the electoral roll is printed.
  • In case the application is for correcting a wrong photograph, then the applicant may write “My Photograph” in Part IV of the application and if possible, attach a recent passport size coloured photograph with the application.
  • Give your full name and address on the acknowledgement and intimation portions.
  • Please give your mobile number and E-mail I.D in the Form , which is optional , as the same, if given, may be used by the Electoral Registration Officer for further communication with the applicant whenever required.
Documents required with Form 8:
  • Date of Birth (With Documentary Proof): Fill up the date of birth in figures in the space provided in dd/mm/yyyy. Proofs of date of birth to be attached are as under:
  • Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths or
  • Baptism certificate; or
  • Birth certificate from the school (Govt. / Recognised) last attended by the applicant or any other recognised educational institution; or
  • If a person is class 10 or more pass, he should give a copy of the marksheet of class 10 , if it contains date of birth as a proof of date of birth; or
  • Marksheet of class 8 if it contains date of birth; or
  • Marksheet of class 5 if it contains date of birth; or
  • A declaration in prescribed format given in Annexure-1 made by either of his parents if the person is not educated till class 10 (In those cases where parental declaration is given as proof of age, the applicant will have to be present himself for verification before BLO/ERO/AERO); or
  • A certificate of his age given by a sarpanch of the concerned Gram Panchayat or by a member of the concerned Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committee, the person is not educated till class 10 and both the parents are not alive.
  • Note: Documentary proof of age will be required only in those cases, where age of the applicant is between 18 and 21 years. In all other cases declaration of his age by the applicant will be taken as proof of age
  • Place of Ordinary Residence. Proof of ordinary residence to be attached are as under:
    • Bank / Kisan / Post Office current Pass Book, or
    • Applicant’s Ration Card / Passport / Driving License / Income Tax Return filed or Assessment Order, or
    • Latest Water / Telephone / Electricity / Gas Connection Bill for that address, either in the name of the
    • applicant or that of his / her immediate relation like parents etc., or
    • Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address.
    • NOTE: In case of homeless persons, the BLO will visit the address given in Form 6 at night to ascertain that the homeless person actually sleeps at the place which is given as his address in Form 6. If the BLO is able to verify that the homeless person actually sleeps at that place, no documentary proof of place of residence shall be necessary.BLO must visit for more than one night for such verification.
  • Attach a recent passport size coloured photograph with the application. (In case the application is for correcting a wrong photograph)
  • Attach a self-attested photocopy of both sides of the Voter ID card. (if already issued)
Please post in the support thread for further query on change in particulars of the voter ID card.

Thank You


Click here to download this file


Thanks for sharing. What to do in case Voter ID is not received?

You can submit a query under RTI to the 'Public Information Officer, Election Commission, __________ area, In this you may ask the following quesions:

  • Have you received my application for registration as voter as on _____________ ?
  • Please provide name and designation of the officer responsible for correct entry of the name in electoral role
  • Please provide information weather my name has been included in the electoral rolls for ___________ constituency
  • If yes, please provide the list number and voter number on which my name is included.
  • Have you received my application for correction in my name on ___________ ?
  • Please provide name and designation of the officer responsible for correction of my name in the electoral role
  • Please provide information weather my name has been corrected in the electoral rolls
  • If yes, please provide the list number and voter number on which my name is included.
  • If my name has not been corrected, please provide information about any objection you have received to such correction
  • If no such objection was received, please provide information about reasons for not taking action on my application for correction dated _________.
  • Please provide name and designation of the officer responsible for not taking action on my application for correction dated _________.
  • Please provide information about what action has been taken/ will be taken against the officr responsible for not taking action on my application for correction dated _________.

You can download the sample RTI form here: http://www.nationalc...ample-rti-form/
To which address shall i send the application form...?
You need to find out your electoral registration officer. Generally it is SDM/ Addtl. Collector. You can check it up with your Collector/DM Office.

Are you talking of the RTI Application?
My mother needs to get her surname corrected from DEY to DE. She is a resident of Hooghly district in West Bengal. Do you have any idea how long it might take to recieve the new ID card?
Have you already applied for the change?
Hi Shrawan,

Thanks for replying so quickly. No, we haven't applied for the changes yet. We just wanted to know how long it might take to recieve the corrected ID card after the application is made.

In order to avoid any inconveniences, we want to make sure that she will be home to recieve the card when it arrives. If we knew how long it takes, we would be able to make arrangements for a trip we were plannning in October.

So, do you know how long it normally takes for the corrected card to arrive after the application is made?

Thanks and regards,
HI Subham,

The voter ID cards are issued, changed during the election period where Election commission places camps to do that. However, during the non-election days the same is done by the Electoral Registration Officer of your District. In the first case the process is fast, however, in second case you might need to follow up for the same. We have found people applying and then following up through the use of Right to Information has got greater success.

I would suggest the first thing you do it to apply as per the procedure.
Thanks Shrawan. You have been really helpful. Please keep up the good work.


... We have found people applying and then following up through the use of Right to Information has got greater success.

Hi Shrawan,

I've applied as a first-time voter (form 6) online a few days ago, unsurprisingly the application is "pending / under process" so far. CEODelhi allow the applicants to upload photo and all documents online as well, so all I need is to wait for the BLO to visit for verification and signature.
When do you think would be the appropriate time to follow up through RTI to know about the status of my application? A month?
Hi Sethi ji,

The Delhi CEO website is pretty exaustive and if you have selected the correct Voters’ Registration and EPIC Centre (VREC), I would suggest your find out the Booth Level Officer (BLO), as the website here contains the mobile number of the BLO too. Talk to him/her and see what's the course of action they have. Let me know how it goes.
I'll wait for a week or two before I contact the Election Registration Officer or Booth Level Officer. If I don't get satisfactory answer by then, I'll just file a RTI. I believe 2-3 weeks (from the application submission date) is a reasonable time for them to at least process OR have reason for not processing my voter application.
I'll let you know how this goes through.

BTW, just a observation; While I was checking the status of random application id on CEODelhi, I found that some applicants got their card issued in less than three weeks while others remain under process for months. Peculiar, ain't it?
That's the right amount of time.
Nice & informative.Good job Shravan.
hi, please confirm if the correction could be made any time or is there any any specific time period or season viz. ahead of elections.. Thank you.
The corrections can be made any time, the only difference is the place where you need to approach. During non election time you need to approach Electoral Registration Officer
very informative.thanks
Very nice and usefull shared information. Please keep continue. Regards. RGV
<removed for now>
Hi Shravan

I am a resident of Rourkela , Orissa. since long i have been in Rourkela my schooling and college has been completed from rourkela. Since my residing in rourkela i am staying in rented house and changing in 4 or 5 years in various locations within rourkela. i wand to know how can i get the residential certificate. i dont have a land patta in my name here.
hi shrawan sir
i like to know about the procedure regarding the new inclusion of name.because till now i have not registered as a voter .tell me what to do for getting voting right,if i m eligble in all manners.
Dear Administrator,

I have filled the form-8 online for the change of name online, from here http://erms.gujarat.gov.in/ceogujarat/

I have filled all the details and everything also attached my proof of residency, my current Voter card, and my birth certificate when asked for it. Everything is done fine and it also gave me the ref number, now it has also give me a PDF file.

I am confused that is my application been made or do I have to print that PDF and send it via physical mail??

What is the next step I should do or shall I wait for them to respond now.

Best Regards
Couldn't find FAQ on the site, why don't you try this toll free:

Toll-Free Voter Help Line No : 1950 (11:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M.)
(On Working Days Only)

My name and DOB both have printed wrongly in my voterid. Exactly I belongs to Orissa. I have downloaded the form from this web site.

Please let me know the steps that should I fill the form manually or I can type and can take print out of this form and can send to DM office directly.

Also please let me know the address to send the files.

District - Bhadrak, State - Orissa. This is for your reference to provide me the exact address to send teh filled form for change of name and DOB.

Shibashisa manas ranjan padhi
Hi im a current holder of a voter id card in west bengal. I recently got my name changed(spelling change of first name and addition of a middle name).
The documents that i have peratining to the change are an affidavit by a first class magistrate and publishing the change of name in the official gazette of the state.
what is the procedure to get the same changed on my voter id card.
p.s.all my documents such as birth certificate and ration card are in my old name.