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Change of Address in Voter's ID card

voter id identity election commission address change

Have you moved to a new town or state and do you want to change the address in the Voter ID card? Do you want to vote at the new place of shifting?

Yes, you can accomplish it by following simple steps highlighted by us below.

Election Commission allows the individual to change the address by filling in the application form called the Form 8 A. (Kindly download the form from our Free Download segment)
Only one copy of the application is to be filed. During non-revision period, application must be filed in duplicate.

The application should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which transpositions of the relevant entry is required. The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space.

In Part I of the Application Form fill the name Part No. & Sr. No. of the electoral roll where already registered
and Electors Photo Identity Card No.(EPIC) in full and the relation’s name (as printed in the electoral roll).

In Part II of the Application please mention the complete address of the new place where you/person concerned have shifted place of ordinary residence within the constituency. Please do not write incomplete address as in that case it may not be possible to link the address to the relevant part of electoral roll where the entry is required to be transposed.

In Part IV, write the electoral roll part no. in which the residents of the new area where you have shifted are
enrolled. This part is optional in case you don’t know the electoral roll part no., then leave it blank.

Please remember that it does not matter if you have changed the state. The details can be filled in for any place where you have moved.

Documents required along with the Form 8 A:
1. The Address proof of the ordinary residence (current location)
2. The Photo copy of the Voter ID card

Click here to download the online form: http://www.nationalc...voters-id-card/


Thanks for sharing the article. Very informative.
How much time does it take to transfer the name? Is there a time limit?
According to the Electoral Manual, the claims and objections should be disposed of only after 7 days from the date (that date being excluded) on which they were given in the office of the Electoral Registration Officer.
Nice information
It is very informative,thanks.
Our Prime Minister cast there vote from Dispur without having voter card and residential proof as decleration given by them.
Do you have access to such details ? Can you share the source of this information?
thanks for the information, but how tochange when avotergets married and shifts to husbands new home.in that case she has to change name as well as adress
thank you, but authorities from Bangalore has rejected my request earlier. Is there any other way out. I am from Siliguri and working with Firstsource Solutions Ltd from 08.05.2006 and I will be here for longer than this. I wish to change my voter id card from Siliguri to Bangalore as I do not get time to use my right to vote in West Bengal. Please help me.
What was the reason for rejection?
thank you..
where to submitthe form 8a???

where to submitt the form 8a? i live in kolkata, west bengal



I am Adhavan and I am new to this forums, actually I have a doubt about above discussed topic.


I changed my home with in same city. I want to change my address in my voter ID. The main problem is both are rented house and more ever I don't have any proof for my new house.


how can I proceed, can you hel me?




Adhavan S



According to form 8 A.


Who can file Form-8A
1. A person whose name is already included in the current electoral roll can file the Application for transposition of
an entry in a different place of the same constituency.
It says that address can be changes in different place in same constituency, however I have moved from Bihar to Kolkata a different constituency. I doubt whether form will work in my case. Please guide me.