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What Is Indian Postal Order?

Posted by shrawan, in How to 02 September 2012 · 43,011 views

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What Is Indian Postal Order?

What is Indian Postal Order?
A service for remitting small amount of money from one place to another through Post Offices. Indian Postal Orders provide a convenient means of transmitting small sums of money by post. The Indian Postal Orders are available in all the Post Offices across India.

Is the Indian Postal Order available from bank?

You can purchase IPO from Head Post Office, Sub-Post Office or from the rural post office called Branch Post Office. They are not available at other places. They are also available from any of the Army Post Offices. The Post office can be searched from here: You can also search for a post office through this link: http://www.indiapost.gov.in/Pin/

Can I buy IPO online?

No. The IPO is not available online. However, recently, Government of India has decided to start the e-IPO services and is under consideration. Postal Orders have regained popularity, especially as a form of payment for shopping on the Internet, as they are drawn on the Post Office's accounts so a vendor can be certain that they will not bounce.

UPDATE 13.02.2014: Department of Posts has launched the eIPO facility for paying RTI application fees. eIPO or Electronic Indian Postal Order (launched by the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India on 13th Feb 2014), is a facility to purchase an Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a fee on-line through e-Post Office Portal https://www.epostoffice.gov.in or India Post web-site www.indiapost.gov.in. eIPO has now been extended to Indian Citizens living in India for paying online fee for seeking information under the RTI Act, 2005. Both Debit and Credit cards of any Bank powered by Visa/Master can be used for this purpose.

Where can I use IPO?

The most popular use is to pay fees under Right to Information (RTI) and is one of the most acceptance mode of deposition of fees. It is also useful for students to send fee required for different competitions. Can also be purchased & sent as “crossed” If a Postal Order be crossed, payment will be made only through that Bank

What are the denomination of IPO available?

There are eight types of IPO denomination available in India. The denomination and it's commission are shown below:

Attached Image

What if I want an IPO of Rs 12?

Value of IPO can be increased by maximum Rs.3/- by affixing unused postal stamps not exceeding 4 on its face. Each stamp should not exceed Rs 1/-. If you want to pay Rs.12 [and post office does not have denominations below Rs.10, you can buy IPO of Rs.10 and affix two postal stamps of Re.1 each on its face. This facility of value addition is not applicable to IPO of Rs.100/-.

What details are to be written on the IPO?

IPO has two parts as a cheque has. Counterfoil & Foil. Foil part is sent/handed over to payee as money remittance & counter foil is kept by the remitter as a proof

You need to fill in:
  • Name of the Payee (person to whom the payment is to be made)
  • Office of Payment (Post Office which is most convenient to the Payee. If not known then district, town or city maybe specified. It is not mandatory to put this in, but is useful if the IPO is lost)
Also fill in the same details on the counterfoil. Tear the counterfoil and keep it, before you submit the IPO with the application.

For how long is the IPO valid?

The IPO is valid for a period of 2 years.

The IPO can be renewed beyond this period of 2 Years, for an additional 1 Year, by paying the commission amount. If an Indian Postal Order is not presented for payment within two years from the last day of the month of issue a second commission at the rates prescribed will be charged which must be paid in postage stamps affixed to the back of the order. Those authorized to use them may pay the second commission in Service Postage Stamps.

Indian Postal Orders presented for payment more than 36 months after the last days of the month of issue will not be paid but will be forfeited.

Can I get a refund of IPO?

Purchaser can get refund of IPO within 2 years from last day of month of issue by surrendering original IPO and counterfoil.

Can I claim the refund of the IPO if I have lost the IPO?

In case of loss of IPO, refund can be claimed by submitting counterfoil to Head Post Office under which jurisdiction issuing post office operates.

Should the order have been crossed for payment through a Bank the purchaser must first cancel the crossing by writing across the face of the order the words, “Please pay cash” and add in his initials.

Indian Postal Order 2
Last Updated Feb 16 2014 09:49 AM

For the latest copy of the article above please visit this page for download

The rulings from Department of Post regarding the Indian Postal Order can be downloaded in the attached file also.

Attached Files

Is there a limit on purchase of number of postal orders.
NO there is no limit
Very informative . I have used postal orders so often yet forgot that it so many features of convenience. Congratulations NC team for this great write up on unsung mode of payment , which once was the king , before money transfers and banks stepped in.
Is it acceptable by the Revenue Department of State Government for applying Patta or Land Registration matter?
In most cases it is not. And it also depend upon state to state
Postal Orders - This is still not shown as a mode of payment at rti.kerala.gov.in

Though there is a central government order in this respect, this still is not updated in Kerala RTI Department.

Neither my request to them through an email on 19.8.12 in this regard, did not get any response so far.
Very useful information. Nobody uses this ipo for rti, but uses court fee stamps.
Very useful indeed ! But failed to get them even at the best of the post offices When needed.
They are being manufactured by Security Printing Press, and if the Postal department (circle-state) do not project the demand at the right time, all one faces is what you did.
Very helpful article , but i did not got meaning of line "Should the order have been crossed for payment through a Bank the purchaser must first cancel the crossing by writing across the face of the order the words, “Please pay cash” and add in his initials." please explain it, as i am completely dummy at all these things.
Thank you
Dear Jatin, postal Order can be used as crossed also like a bank cheque, however after writing 'crossed', you still can use the Postal order to pay by cash by following the process defined.
Thank you Sir. very useful article for many persons.IT is very useful mode of payment for RTI applictions related to central government departments .The PO commission is very lesser compared to bank commission on DDs. Further very easy to obtain than to get DD in the bank.
Whether RTI wants fee payment only through IPO or any other mode?
It depends on different ministries. But most of them do accept the Postal order.
Postal orders have become now very difficult to get at smaller post offices. Also the post offices charge commission more than that printed.

I thought IPO will become popular with the RTI as the queue in post offices are shorter.
Which post office charges more commission?
Thanks Shrawan for giving such useful information in a FAQ format. Postal Orders remain the preferred mode of payment at various govt and semi-govt establishments even though Bank DDs have been around for a while, and Netbanking & mobile-banking are fast catching up too. Hope NetBanking & Mobile-banking options become more popular as they offer fast paperless money transfer at minimal costs.
Sushant Lohani
Oct 03 2012 02:00 PM
Many post offices say that the validity of IPO is 6 months only....The website of Kerala Posts also says the say. The notification saying the validity of IPO is 2years is on 1990s and the validity could have been decreased as time went by.
The validity has been confirmed by department in one of the RTI reply to be changed

Which post office charges more commission?

I wanted to get Rs.10/- IPO for RTI purpose. They gave me various denominations of lesser amount and charged Rs.1/- for each so I ended up paying more than Rs.6/- for two Rs.10/- IPO.

They said they are not getting Rs.10/ IPO and the ones they gave me were very old too. The Rs.10/- IPO was not available in a few other post offices in Thrissur, Kerala. I suspect that they are not supplied because there may be a lot of lower denominations lying around unsold.

So technically, they did not charge me more. But I ended up paying.more.


For info pl.

Why don't you make a complaint to the superintendent Post Offices. Generally it happens when Postal Store Depot do not supply them. These are manufactured at National Security Press Nasik

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