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    • We man must respect our Mother or Sister or Wife or Daughter is the first thing for their role in life at home. Yes, many of them are equivalent to man and also dominated over man. In many places, woman can do what man cannot do. Sometimes women are also evil. Looking back at the history, many battle were lost due to trick and role of a women. Many good leaders and bad leaders are also killed by women. The feeling is same with both man and women. If a man stares at women with desire, the same feeling is with the women too. Man takes the role of a dog. The characteristic is automatic by human nature. The world is running beyond the control of the law and order, government and society. So, women should learn and be wise either to expose their body, body language, way of eye language or communication to whosoever admirers and fans indicating to them and time factors. A woman who works late hours in the office or call centre might be the most victims apart from dowry cases and untouchability. Criminals are also human and will fall in love with some woman but that women may die in his hand. There are also some criminals who turns himself as a serial killer of a woman is the reason behind who lost his girlfriend in the hands of the law or opposed their marriage by her family or harassed him badly from her friend and family circles. There are also criminals who adore his wife and children. Different stories never ends. We all hate rapist but there are certain cases.... some women offer the opportunity to make love with her client or boss or minister or richman and try to expose it into rape cases for blackmailing so to accomplish her mission. As such, innocent public happen to read on daily papers or media that a girl or women was badly tortures, raped and killed. On the other hand, man are also hooked by a woman and become a victim in the hands of a woman. This is what we called it "EQUALITY". However, we all hate rapist and criminals in our peaceful and violence societies. The higher rate of rape incidents that takes place in our country is during the war or President rule by an Army when compared to the rape cases by criminal or citizen or politicians of Boss. This is undeniable voice raised by human rights. Let us also try to hear back some stories from Surgical Strikes. When the mindset of every one of us do not change, things will keep on happening, hearing, seeing and goes on worst. The corruption of the government is the root cause of anti-government activities, Unemployment, crimes, injustice, poverty and even terrorist. This is bit of imagination research item so for the sake of discussion about man and woman. Let us all try to oppose all the savage criminal activities, violence and work together to erect the government from corruption.
    • To Maintain Law and Order Immediately  
    • Recently our Armed forces under the guidance of Government made surgical strikes on POK and eliminated some of the bases where the terrorists are being trained by Pakistan and who are ready to infiltrate and disrupt the peaceful public life. Infiltration and creating havoc in India is a regular feature sponsored by the Pak authorities as they have vowed to bleed India with thousand cuts. Whole of India knows the cynical attitude of the Pak and even the entire world knows. As we are the direct sufferers we know the problems and however bearing with that because of our attitude hoping to change the Pak and their nature, however, in vain. We taught Pak a good lessons whenever they had the misadventure of attacking us directly.  They have tested our patience too much this year with Pathankot and Uri attacks and the present Government took a right decision in making surgical strikes to eliminate some of the terror camps which are along our border. All the political parties have supported the actions of the present Government which is a good sign and showed the solidarity of all the parties when it came to the safety and sovereignty of the country. However, in the last couple of days some of the parties started to demand proof of the strikes and some even went to the extent of  condemning the present Government  terming the attacks fake. This attitude is highly deplorable and an insult to the sincerity of our armed forces. We all know how the armed forces are guarding our borders day in and day out round the clock under harsh climactic conditions. It is our prime responsibility to support our armed forces and their actions for their bravery in facing the bullets of the enemy and terrorists on one hand and the harsh climate on another. Because of their sacrifices we are leading a comfortable life. The politicians who are after power and leading a luxurious life style owe everything to the sacrifices of our Armed forces, instead of applauding them, the political leaders are questioning the very actions of the forces and terming the news as fake. The political people are insulting the sincerity of the armed forces and its' a shame on their part.  Hope good sense prevails and the so called leaders stop politicizing the actions of our brave armed forces. JAI JAWAN. JAI HIND. 
    • This is the truth and must discuss in the parliament. Why the Central Government clears off the liabilities of the State Government and not the deficit of the poor citizen? 1. There are poor farmers who took loan from bank - forced them to pay the interest in time leads them to suicide. Very often the State government fails to contribute its own and still misused the central share in respects of promoting Agriculture, Irrigation and Flood Control? The Central Government never  create a policy to clear the debts of the farmers but rather excuses the debts of the politicians who steals the farmers fund. Moreover, the Central Government trust any implementing agency or department with guidelines and increases the sanction amount in crores but the government officers and politicians enjoys the fund for luxury living rather than their salary or pension benefits. As such, the outcome of the central objectives and investment is just like making the officers and politicians rich to mock or tease the farmers. These officer and politician also steals the food of the poor from Food Corporation of India. 2. There are poor families who took housing loan from the bank about 50,000 to 2 lakhs. These poor citizens are not suppose to live in tutche house when the central government focus to transform India. So, these poor families takes loan from the bank for housing when the state government enjoys the award and funds mean for housing in respect of poor houseless citizens. The officers and politicians builds Commercial Complex and 7-8 storeys and enjoy staring from the top balcony - the view of wonderful slam areas, the scene of those poor citizens fighting between couples due to financial crisis in their family. 3. There are poor unemployed youth who applies various unemployed schemes through banks and industries. When the loan amount is not sufficient, families members and relatives contributed and do the investment to establish small entrepreneurship of business. Though the Prime Minister schemes and Corpus fund of the Chief Minister schemes are made available to the unemployed beneficiary, the allocated amount capital never released to the beneficiary. These unemployed beneficiary keeps on paying the interest to the banks instead of promoting and upgrading the business. The victim is again the beneficiary and not the bank, government authorities, officers or state government. Sometimes the Central Government also find a policy to clear the debts of the farmers, poor citizens and Unemployed youth like the Central government clears the debts of the white color thieves. NASSET CHINGMAK    
    • A Permanent Solution Must by Law to brake such ongoing Unlimited Crimes across INDIA ! Goonda Act to be Tough and Law and Order to be Very Tough to protect Women`s in Society, Stalkers and Criminals at LARGE IN SOCIETY - Enough is Enough ! Govt of India and Honorable Courts to act tough against Criminals in Society NOW ! Jai Hind
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